Lolitas in Center City Philadelphia

Just the other day, my best friend, Bonnie and I decided on having a dinner date in the city of our very own, Philadelphia! She mentioned Lolita’s Restaurant was a great place to try out, and we’ve both never dined, so why not give it a shot? Before I even ramble on about how great this place is, let me tell you that the weather that night was unbearable. Nothing but strong winds, cold, and wet rain. We searched up reservations online and they didn’t have anything available until 9pm, current time was about 6pm. What a bummer right? Not in our world…We decided to go anyways, hoping we could get lucky, and indeed we did!

To start off we had a pitcher of their Passionfruit Margaritas, and we were pretty content. It didn’t come watered down like most pitchers do. We also order their Raw Tuna Tostaditas as an appetizer, and let’s just say that we wanted a second plate…For our main meal, we ordered the Crispy Fish Tacos, with a side of Plantains. The only downside of the  fish tacos was that the entree only came with three instead of four, but it was all groovy because she ended giving me the third anyways as long as she got the rest of the plantains. This is exactly why we’re best friends. We compromise very easily. After finishing all of our food, we still had about half of a pitcher left, and thought “what the heck. lets order more food!!!” We were eyeing the Guacamole for the longest because we were craving those banana chips that came with it. Of course, they were gone before we even knew it so then we settled on the tortilla chips. Then it hits me, it’ll be the last time we get to explore our tastebuds for awhile…These are the moments I cherish most with her.

Overall, it was a great experience to dine there. Fast service, and great food with reasonable prices! I would highly recommend for a great date and endless conversations!

3 thoughts on “Lolitas in Center City Philadelphia

  1. OMG ! I am so intrigued by your first blog ! The backdrop is superb! The restaurant on your blog is making me drool! I am so proud of you. I cannot wait to see your upcoming blogs going forward. Keep them coming! LOVVEEEEE IT !

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  2. 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ my heartt 😩 & this. Wow i love this!! It’ll help me keep up with you while I’m away.. Well between the FaceTime calls to u while you’re putting your eyebrows on. 😂 Anyway I love you and I won’t ever forget all the amazing times we’ve had. Starting the next step in our lifetime adventures! Can’t wait for u to visit or move there too 😉😉😉😉😉 (will never give up on this Idea, so don’t tell me to)

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